June 8, 2018

  The story of how one song got written does not seem like it would make much of a movie -- so “I Can Only Imagine” didn’t interest me at all.

  Not, that is, until everyone started raving about it.

  When Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, Focus on the Family, CinemaScore and lots...

June 2, 2018

  At first, “Paul: Apostle of Christ” appears to be another entry in the recent run of faith-based films; but that common label isn’t quite fair.

  “Paul” is not merely “based” on faith; rather, the movie is bathed in it, obsessed with it, driven by it -- suffused with...

June 2, 2018

  “Gringo” features a Mexican drug lord who likes to ask people how they feel about the Beatles. (Friendly tip: Don’t insist that “Sgt. Pepper” is their best.)

  Late in the film, this unlikely fan of the Fab-Four slightly misquotes “Hey Jude” by intoning, “Take the sad...

June 2, 2018

  “Death Wish” is no masterpiece, but it certainly doesn’t deserve its measly 13% approval rating at RottenTomatoes.

  Since I don’t read actual reviews before writing my own, I can only surmise that the current debate over gun violence is driving this response, with cr...

June 2, 2018

  I thought I knew everything there was to know about “Psycho”; but “78/52” proves otherwise -- and I’ve rarely been so glad I was wrong.

  With a brief theatrical release last October, this documentary about Hitchcock’s classic is well worth watching, now that it’s ava...

June 1, 2018

  Have you ever written LOL when you didn’t actually LOL? Just how many jokes truly make you laugh out loud?

  More to the point, how often do you actually LOL during a film that bills itself as a comedy?

  For me, it’s usually a handful of chuckles. Peter Sellers, Rowan...

June 1, 2018

  While everyone else was stampeding off to “Black Panther,” my wife and I chose an animated movie about cavemen and soccer.

  As it turns out, “Early Man” also addresses sexism, dinosaurs, the Bronze Age, teamwork, carrier pigeons, cave drawings, discrimination, underd...

June 1, 2018

There was some concern over casting real-life heroes in Clint Eastwood’s new film about the 2015 terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train.

  As it turns out, there should have been more worry about who wrote the script.

  In “The 15:17 to Paris,” Spencer Stone, Anthony Sa...

June 1, 2018

  “Molly’s Game” is a good movie that swiftly becomes a great one in its final half-hour.

  In readying to review this acclaimed 2017 film, I inwardly lamented at yet another colossal running time, wondering why so many modern movies share this oft-annoying trait.


June 1, 2018

  It’s been suggested that “Hostiles” is the greatest Western since “Unforgiven.”

  As a fan of “True Grit” and “Appaloosa,” I’m not totally on board with this; but the new film surely is the most thought-provoking entry in that time-tested genre since Clint Eastwood st...

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