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In case you don't know me already, I'm a teacher, speaker, film criticjournalist and author living in bucolic Central Pennsylvania.


Having written my first book when I was 12—an ambitious and profusely illustrated sci-fi opus called Project Jupiter—it took me another 37 years to hit publishing pay-dirt with my study of Hitchcock, The Psycho File (2009).

In the interim I earned degrees from Syracuse and NYU, worked as a copy editor for Simon & Schuster in Manhattan, wrote 1000 features for the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, and loved teaching English at several high schools in the Northeast.

I've also spent more than 25 years as elder, clerk & adult Sunday school teacher for New Life Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Montoursville, PA.  I lead regular book and movie discussions in Central PA, while also playing trumpet in the renowned Repasz Band (founded 1831).

I have a lovely wife whose beauty is only hinted at the in this photo, and two terrific kids:  Douglas (b. 1989) and Tim (b. 1992).  All of them keep challenging me to be a better human being.

My second book, Sex & Violence in the Bible, was published by P&R in 2014.


The third, Transparency—probably the most important thing I've written—is now available through Amazon and on the BOOKS page at this very site!

And now, as of July 2020, my newest book, The Best Movies You Never Saw, is also available through Amazon and under BOOKS or CONTACT on this site!

Hobbies & interests include reading, movies, reading, smooth jazz, reading, the Buffalo Bills, craft beer, reading, railroads, hiking and reading.  

My favorite vacation spot is Sanibel Island, and if I could bring all my books along, I would move there tomorrow.


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